44. Remuneration of a trustee

(1) Unless authorised by:
(a) the terms of the trust;
(b) the consent in writing of all of the beneficiaries; or
(c) an order of the Court;
a trustee shall not be entitled to remuneration for his services.
(2) If the terms of a trust specify the trustee's remuneration, the trustee is entitled to be remunerated as specified, but the Court may allow more or less remuneration if:
(a) the duties of the trustee are substantially different from those contemplated when the trust was created; or
(b) the remuneration specified by the terms of the trust would be unreasonably low or high.
(3) A trustee may reimburse himself out of the trust property for or pay out of the trust all expenses and liabilities properly incurred in connection with the administration of the trust.