30 May 2007 — Notice of Rule Amendments


The DFSA has amended the:

•   Prudential Returns Module (PRU);
•   Prudential — Insurance Business Module (PIN);
•   Glossary Module (GLO).

The amendments are set out in Rulemaking Instrument No. 44 which comes into force on the 1st of June 2007.

These amendments were made in order to de-couple PRU from the Rulebook and thereby convert it into a Sourcebook (like AFN). In general the Rules that were in Chapter 3 of PRU (version1) have been either relocated to the new Appendix 10 in PIN or alternatively they have been converted into instructional guidelines and will remain in Chapter 3 of PRU (version 2). Other than that a few consequential amendments have been carried out mainly relating to cross referencing.

Issued on 30 May 2007