29. Appointment of service providers to carry out certain functions

(1) An Operator may, subject to any restriction in the Domestic Fund's Constitution and subject to any Rules made for the purposes of this Article, delegate any of its activities or outsource any of its functions, to another person (a "service provider").
(2) The DFSA may make Rules:
(a) specifying which activities can or cannot be delegated and to whom;
(b) specifying which functions can or cannot be outsourced and to whom;
(c) prescribing eligibility criteria for service providers;
(d) prescribing certain activities or functions which must be performed in the DIFC and by whom;
(e) as to any requirement, process and procedure for notification to or approval by the DFSA of the appointment of a service provider to carry out any activity or function;
(f) governing the duties, obligations and requirements of the Operator and of any of its service providers in relation to a Domestic Fund or a class or category of Domestic Fund; and
(g) prescribing the manner or circumstances in which a service provider may perform an activity or a function.
(3) Where the Operator delegates an activity or outsources a function, the Operator remains responsible to Unitholders for any acts or omissions of the service provider as if they were the acts or omissions of the Operator even if they were acting fraudulently or outside the scope of their authority or engagement.