28. Registration Requirement

(1) Every Domestic Fund which is a Public Fund shall be registered with the DFSA.
(2) The DFSA shall register a Public Fund if the Fund meets all the requirements in the Law.
(3) The application for the registration of a Public Fund shall be made to the DFSA by the Fund Manager or, if the Fund is an Investment Trust, jointly by the Fund Manager and the Trustee, of that Fund.
(4) Such an application shall:
(a) be accompanied by the Fund's Constitution and Prospectus both of which shall be in accordance with the requirements of this Law and any Rules; and
(b) comply with any other requirements prescribed by the DFSA in relation to such Funds, including the applications.
(5) The DFSA shall, by Rules, prescribe the requirements which an application for registration must meet before such an application can be accepted by the DFSA.