27. General Requirements

(1) Every Domestic Fund shall have:
(a) a written Constitution which complies with the Rules;
(b) a purpose that is reasonably capable of being successfully carried into effect;
(c) a Registered Auditor appointed in accordance with Part 8 of the Regulatory Law 2004 and any Rules made for the purposes of that Part;
(d) if it is an Investment Trust, a Trustee appointed to the Fund in accordance with the requirements in the Investment Trust Law 2006;
(e) if it is not an Investment Trust, an eligible person with whom the legal title to the Fund Property is registered unless otherwise provided in the Rules; and
(f) in the case of an Open-ended Fund, single pricing for the purposes of redemption and re-issue or sale of Units in the Fund where the price of a Unit is calculated by reference to the net asset value of the property of the Fund to which the Units relate and in accordance with the Rules.
(2) Any provision in the Constitution of a Domestic Fund is void in so far as it would have the effect of exempting the Fund, the Fund Manager and if appointed, the Trustee from liability for any failure to discharge their obligations under this Law, the Regulatory Law 2004, the Law Regulating Islamic Financial Business 2004, the Investment Trust Law 2006 or any rules made for the purposes of these laws.
(3) The DFSA shall, for the purposes of Article 27(1)(e), by Rules, prescribe the criteria that a person must meet to be considered "eligible" and such Rules may permit the Fund Manager to be considered "eligible" for the purposes of a particular type of, or a specialist class of, a Domestic Fund.
(4) If, in the opinion of the DFSA, the name of a Fund or of a Sub-Fund of a Fund conflicts with the name of another Fund or is undesirable or misleading, it may direct the Fund Manager to change the name of the Fund or the Sub-Fund.