26. Constitution of the Financial Markets Tribunal

(1) The DFSA shall maintain a tribunal of the DFSA called the Financial Markets Tribunal (referred to as the “FMT”).
(2) The DFSA Board of Directors:
(a) shall appoint persons for fixed terms to serve as the president and other members of the FMT; and
(b) may reappoint the president or any of the members for further fixed terms.
(3) None of the following persons shall be the president or a member of the FMT:
(a) the Chairman of the DFSA;
(b) the Chief Executive of the DFSA; or
(c) any other Board Member, director, officer, employee or agent of the DFSA or of any other agency or body of the DIFC established under Dubai Law.
(4) The president and members of the FMT shall have relevant qualifications, expertise and experience in the regulatory aspects of financial services and related activities.
(5) The DFSA Board of Directors may dismiss the president or any of the members of the FMT for just cause. For the purpose of this Article, just cause means inability, incapacity or misbehaviour.