20 November 2006 — Notice of Rule Amendments to DFSA Rulebook — CIR Module


The DFSA has amended the Collective Investment Rules (CIR) Module of the DFSA Rulebook to permit the appointment of prime brokers by Operators of Hedge Funds subject to certain safeguards. The amendments, which are set out in attached AnnexAnnex, come into effect on 20 November 2006. Consultation Paper 37 explains the purpose of these amendments. In brief, these amendments to CIR are found in:

•   section 13.6, where a new CIR Rule 13.6.3 has been added;
•   section 18.2, where a new CIR Rule 18.2.1(b) has been added; and
•   Appendix A1.2, where CIR A1.2.2(f) has been amended by creating an exception which is in new CIR A1.2.3.

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Issued on 20 November 2006