19. Marketing Rules

(1) The DFSA may make Rules prescribing requirements relating to the offering, issuing or selling, in or from the DIFC, of a Unit in a Fund including prescribing the contents of any communication which is an invitation to participate in a Fund and the manner in which such communication may be made and to whom.
(2) Such Rules may, in relation to specified types or classes of Foreign Funds, prescribe contents requirements and may specify criteria that an offer document produced in accordance with the legislation applicable in a jurisdiction other than the DIFC to be taken to comply with the requirements of this Law and any Rules made hereunder.
(3) The DFSA may also make Rules providing the circumstances in which certain persons or categories of person may market a Fund by promoting the Islamic quality of the Fund by using the words Shari'a compliant or Islamic in the name of the Fund or otherwise holding out that the Fund is in any way Islamic or Shari'a compliant.