18. Additional Matters

(1) The DFSA may, by Rules, apply additional criteria, requirements or conditions to:
(a) a particular type of a Domestic Fund;
(b) a specialist class of a Domestic Fund; or
(c) a Foreign Fund.
(2) Without limiting the generality of Article 18(1), the additional criteria, requirements or conditions relating to a Fund that the DFSA may specify include:
(a) the type of legal structure or arrangement that must be used by a specialist class of Funds;
(b) whether or not a Fund must be an Open-ended or Closed-ended Fund, or a listed or unlisted Fund; and
(c) any criteria, requirements or conditions that apply to any person carrying on any function relating to a Fund and whether or not that person does so under a delegation or outsourcing arrangement entered into with the Fund Manager or if applicable the Trustee of the Fund.