13 February 2007 — Notice of Rule Amendments — Definition of Day


The DFSA has amended the:

•   General (GEN);
•   Enforcement (ENF);
•   Conduct of Business (COB);
•   Ancillary Service Providers (ASP);
•   Prudential—Insurance Business (PIN);
•   Prudential—Investment, Insurance Intermediation and Banking Business (PIB);
•   Offered Securities Rules (OSR);
•   Glossary (GLO);
•   Price Stabilisation (PRS);
•   Takeover Rules (TKO); and
•   Collective Investment Rules (CIR)

Modules of the DFSA Rulebook to implement the amendments to the definition of “day”. The amendments are set out in Rulemaking Instrument No. 42 which comes into force on the 15th of February 2007 (the 7th day after the day on which the DIFC Laws Amendment Law 2007 came into force). Consultation Paper 41 explains the purpose of these amendments.

Issued on 13 February 2007