11 December 2007 — Notice of Amendments to the Rulebook and the Sourcebook


As foreshadowed in the previous notice issued on 29 November 2007, the DFSA has issued its Hedge Funds Code of Practice to come into effect on 20 January 2008.

This code can be found under “Legislation” in the new section entitled “DFSA codes of Practice” on the DFSA’s website.

The CIR module of the Rulebook will be updated accordingly.The consequential amendments are set out in the Hedge Funds Guidance Instrument (No.6) 2007. These amendments come into force on 20 January 2007.

The CIR module will be updated on the date mentioned above and the instrument may be viewed under the “Guidance Making Instruments“section of the DFSA’s website prior to the coming into effect of the amendments.


The Prudential Returns Module (PRU) of the Sourcebook will be replaced by a new EPRS version pursuant to the Electronic Prudential Reporting System Guidance Instrument (No.5) 2007. This EPRS version of PRU incorporates consequential amendments necessary to facilitate the implementation of the system.

These amendments are to come into effect on 16 December 2007.

The new EPRS version of PRU may be viewed under the “Guidance Making Instruments“, section of the DFSA’s Website prior to the coming into force of this module.

There will be a separate notice issued in relation to PIB Rule 1.6.2 and PIN Rule 6.5.2 which will provide information in respect of the EPRS going live.

Issued on 11 December 2007