10. Independent Review of the DFSA

(1) The President may appoint an independent person to review and report to the President on any aspect of the efficiency and effectiveness of the DFSA in the use of its resources.
(2) The President shall meet the reasonable expenses incurred by such person in preparing the report.
(3) A person appointed under Article 10(1) has a right of access at all reasonable times to all information which is reasonably required by him for the purposes of preparing the report and which is held or controlled by any officer, employee or agent of the DFSA.
(4) Such person shall be entitled reasonably to require from the officers, employees and agents of the DFSA such information and explanations as he considers necessary for the purpose of preparing the report.
(5) A person shall not, without reasonable excuse, intentionally engage in conduct that results in the obstruction of a person appointed under Article 10(1) in the exercise of his powers under Article 10.