The DFSA would take this naming policy into consideration when deciding whether to use its Article 75(1)(a)(iv) power and, in particular, relevant factors that it would consider prior to using the power would include:

(a) whether the Authorised Person holds the required DFSA Authorisations to carry on the relevant Financial Services;
(b) the extent to which the Authorised Person's name or description reflects the substance of the firm's Financial Services activities in or from the DIFC;
(c) whether the use of certain words could mislead the public into thinking that the Authorised Firm is operating a banking or insurance business in or from the DIFC when the firm is not; and
(d) whether the use of certain words could otherwise mislead consumers about the Authorised Person's activities in or from the DIFC.
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 14th July 2015). July 2015 Edition