This chapter is structured as follows:

(a) Section 10-2 sets out the purpose and scope of the chapter, including who it applies to;
(b) Section 10-3 explains some of the guiding principles behind the policy;
(c) Section 10-4 explains the source of the DFSA powers in relation to names of firms;
(d) Section 10-5 describes the DFSA's general policy on the use by firms of the words "bank", "insurance" and "trust";
(e) Section 10-6 describes the exceptions to the general policy set out in section 10-5;
(f) Section 10-7 describes the DFSA policy on other matters such as the use of the words "investment bank", "fund" or "Islamic" and on the use of trading names;
(g) Section 10-8 sets out the DFSA policy on the use of its power to prohibit the use of a particular name by an Authorised Person or a Fund; and
(h) Section 10-9 sets out the DFSA policy on giving consent to the use of certain names by unregulated entities.
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 14th July 2015). July 2015 Edition