22. Misconduct in relation to Funds

Past version: effective from 18/04/2006 - 31/07/2006
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(1) A person shall not make an offer of Units if there is:
(a) a misleading or deceptive statement in:
(i) the relevant Prospectus;
(ii) any application form that accompanies the relevant Prospectus; or
(iii) any other document that relates to the offer, or the application form;
(b) an omission from any document specified in (a) of information that is required to be stated or that is necessary to make the statement not misleading or deceptive; or
(c) a new circumstance that under the Law or the Rules requires a supplementary Prospectus to be published or issued and this has not been published or issued.
(2) A person shall not, in or from the DIFC, make a misleading or deceptive statement in relation to a Fund or in connection with an offer of Units, whether in the DIFC or elsewhere.
(3) This Article does not apply to conduct which occurs outside the jurisdiction unless the conduct affects the DIFC markets or users of the DIFC markets.