Main Information Requirements

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6. The main information requirements are the same for all applicants, including start ups, and each application will be assessed on its own merits. It may help if start up applicants consider the risk categories set out above and how they will address the particular risks raised by their start up proposition.
7. A key document will be the Regulatory Business Plan submitted in support of the application. It will facilitate the application process if applicants cover the following areas within this submission:
•   An Introduction and background
•   Strategy and rationale
•   Corporate structure
•   Management and organisational structure
•   Proposed resources
•   High level controls
•   Risk management
•   Operational controls
•   Systems overview
•   Financial projections
8. Start up applicants may find it useful to include diagrams illustrating corporate structures, and, where applicable, group relationships, governance arrangements, organisational design, clear reporting lines, business process flows and systems environments.
9. Comprehensively addressing these areas and detailing how the key risks will be identified, monitored and controlled will significantly assist the DFSA in determining applications from start up entities.