42. Insider dealing

Past version: effective up to 01/05/2010
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(1) A Reporting Entity or person in a special relationship with a Reporting Entity shall not, in the DIFC or elsewhere, deal in Investments of or relating to the Reporting Entity if the person possesses material information that:
(a) is not generally available in the market; and
(b) has not been disclosed to the market in accordance with this Law or the Rules.
(2) In this Article:

"Investments" does not include:
(a) options to acquire or dispose of;
(i) commodities of any kind; or
(ii) an option to acquire or dispose of an Investment of the kind specified by Article 42(2).
(b) rights under a contract for the sale of a commodity under which delivery is to be made at a future date and at a price agreed on when the contract is made; or
(c) any right to or interest in anything which is specified by Article 42(2)(a) and (b).