91. Administrative Censures

Past version: effective up to 22/12/2012
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(1) The DFSA shall prescribe in Rules:
(a) which of the provisions of the Law or Rules or other legislation administered by the DFSA are provisions to which this Article applies; and
(b) procedures in relation to the imposition of a censure under this Article.
(2) Where the DFSA considers that a person has contravened a provision of the legislation prescribed under Article 91(1)(a) the DFSA may censure the person, including by means of publishing a written notice of censure.
(3) The DFSA may only exercise its power under Article 91(2) if:
(a) it has given the relevant person a suitable opportunity to make representations in person and in writing to the DFSA in relation to the proposed censure; and
(b) the person has not taken such action as is prescribed in the Rules to object to the imposition of the censure.