84. Enforcement of Compliance by Injunction or Search Warrant

Past version: effective up to 07/02/2007
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(1) A requirement imposed on a person as a result of the exercise by the DFSA of powers under Articles 73, 74 or 80 may be enforceable by injunction on the application of the DFSA to the Court.
(2) Where the DFSA has reasonable grounds to suspect that there are, or may be within the next 3 days, on particular premises, information or documents which were required to be given or produced to the DFSA as a result of the exercise of powers under Article 73 or Article 80 and that have not been given or produced in compliance with any such requirement, the DFSA may, in addition to or as an alternative to seeking an injunction under Article 84(1), lay before the Court an information on oath setting out those grounds and apply for the issue of a warrant to search the premises for that information or those documents.
(3) On considering such application and information on oath referred to in Article 84(2), the Court may issue a warrant authorising a named Dubai Police Officer, together with any other person so named in the warrant whether of the DFSA or otherwise, with such assistance and by such force as is necessary and reasonable, to enter into the premises, to search the premises, to break open and search anything (whether a fixture or not) in or on the premises, and to take possession of or secure information or documents that appear to be any or all of the information or documents not given or produced pursuant to the requirement of the DFSA.
(4) A warrant issued under Article 84(3) must specify the premises and information or documents referred to in Article 84(2), and state whether entry is authorised to be made at any time of the day or night or only during specified hours, and state that the warrant ceases to have effect on a specified day that is not more than 7 days after the date of the issue of the warrant.