75. Imposing Restrictions on Business

Past version: effective from 27/12/2011 - 20/08/2014
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(1) Subject to Article 77, the DFSA may impose any one or more of the following prohibitions or requirements by written notice:
(a) a prohibition on an Authorised Firm or Authorised Market Institution from:
(i) entering into certain specified transactions or types of transaction;
(ii) soliciting business from certain specified persons or types of person;
(iii) carrying on business in a specified manner or other than in a specified manner; or
(iv) using a particular name for a Fund or a sub-fund of a Fund; or
(b) a requirement that an Authorised Firm or Authorised Market Institution to carry on business in, and only in, a specified manner.
(2) The prohibitions or requirement in Article 75(1) may be imposed on the Fund Manager in relation to the management of a Fund or on the Fund itself, even where the Fund has no legal personality.