63. Extended jurisdiction

Past version: effective from 05/07/2012 - 04/01/2014
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(1) Any power which the DFSA may exercise in relation to an Authorised Firm, Authorised Market Institution, Ancillary Service Provider, Registered Auditor, Authorised Individual, DNFBP, or Domestic Fund under the Law or Rules or other legislation administered by the DFSA may continue to be exercised for a period of two years after the date on which:
(a) the Licence of such Authorised Firm or Authorised Market Institution;
(b) the registration of an Ancillary Service Provider or DNFBP or Registered Auditor;
(c) the Authorised Individual status of such Authorised Individual;
(d) the registration of the Principal Representative; or
(e) the registration of a Domestic Fund;
is withdrawn by the DFSA under the Law or other legislation administered by the DFSA.
(2) If, pursuant to the Law, proceedings are commenced before a Financial Markets Tribunal or the Regulatory Appeals Committee before the expiry of the period of two years referred to in Article 63(1), then the provisions of Article 63(1) shall remain in force until such time as the proceedings and any related appeals and proceedings are completed.