44. The Ancillary Services Prohibition and Ancillary Service Providers

Past version: effective up to 28/11/2006
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(1) Subject to Article 44(5), a person shall not carry on an Ancillary Service in or from the DIFC.
(2) The DFSA shall make Rules prescribing the activities which constitute an Ancillary Service.
(3) The prohibition in Article 44(1) is referred to in the Law as the "Ancillary Services Prohibition".
(4) The DFSA may make Rules adding to, removing activities from, or otherwise modifying the list of Ancillary Services made under Article 44(2).
(5) A person may carry on an Ancillary Service in or from the DIFC if such person is registered as an Ancillary Service Provider.
(6) An Ancillary Service Provider shall:
(a) act within the scope of its authority under its registration; and
(b) comply with any terms of its registration.
(7) A person who is not an Ancillary Service Provider shall not represent that he is such a person.