COB 4.4.1

Past version: effective from 24/08/2014 - 31/01/2021
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(1) Subject to (2), to the extent that the Rules in this section are inconsistent with the Insolvency Law 2009 and any regulations made for the purposes of that law the Rules in this section will prevail.
(2) The following provisions of laws, Rules and Regulations prevail over the Rules in this section:
(a) parts A5.13.2 (a), (b), (c) and (d)(ii) of the Client Money Distribution Rules;
(b) Article 65 of the Insolvency Law 2009;
(c) the DIFC Preferential Creditor Regulations; and
(d) Regulations 5.45.4 and 5.52 of the DIFC Insolvency Regulations.
[Added] DFSA RM144/2014 (Made 24th August 2014). [VER23/08-14]