RPP 6-5-3

Past version: effective from 14/07/2013 - 20/08/2014
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Decision Maker Decisions are made by a DFSA officer known as a Decision Maker. The Decision Maker will be a person with no previous direct involvement in the matter to which the decision relates. Examples of these decisions include where the DFSA, on its own initiative, proposes to:

(a) impose an administrative fine or censure,
(b) withdraw a Licence of an Authorised Person;
(c) withdraw the status of an Authorised Individual;
(d) withdraw the registration of an Auditor; or
(e) withdraw the registration of a Public Fund.
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 20th December 2012). December 2012 Edition
Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 14th July 2013). July 2013 Edition