RPP 6-4-1

Past version: effective from 23/12/2012 - 20/08/2014
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The Executive Decisions of the DFSA are generally operational decisions which involve the DFSA being called upon to make a decision in response to an application or notification made by a Person. Some examples of these decisions include where the DFSA proposes to:

(a) grant an application for a Licence or an extension to such a Licence of an Authorised Person;
(b) grant an application for an Authorised Individual's status;
(c) register an Ancillary Service Provider or Auditor;
(d) register a Public Fund;
(e) approve an application for a change in control by an Authorised Person; or
(f) approve a Prospectus filed with the DFSA.
Derived from Notice of Updates (Made 20th December 2012). December 2012 Edition