CIR 14.3.3

Past version: effective from 21/08/2014 - 17/12/2018
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(1) A Fund Manager of a Public Fund must include in the Fund's Prospectus, the following statement displayed prominently on its front page:
"This Prospectus relates to a DIFC Fund in accordance with the Collective Investment Law 2010 and Rules of the Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA").
The DFSA has no responsibility for reviewing or verifying any Prospectus or other documents in connection with this Domestic Fund. Accordingly, the DFSA has not approved this Prospectus or any other associated documents nor taken any steps to verify the information set out in this Prospectus, and has no responsibility for it.
The Units to which this Prospectus relates may be illiquid and/or subject to restrictions on their resale. Prospective purchasers of the Units offered should conduct their own due diligence on the Units.
If you do not understand the contents of this document you should consult an authorised financial adviser."
(2) In the case of a Public Fund which is a Listed Fund, the Fund Manager must include, instead of the statement referred to in (1), the statement required under MKT Rule 6.3.1(1)(b)(iii).
(3) If the Fund is an Exempt Fund, the Fund Manager must include, in addition to the statement referred to in (1), the following statement:
"This Information Memorandum is intended for only Professional Clients who can make a minimum subscription of US$50,000 and must not, therefore, be delivered to, or relied on by, a Retail Client or a Professional Client not able to make that minimum subscription."
Derived from RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER13/07-10]
[Amended] DFSA RM137/2014 (Made 21st August 2014). [VER17/06-14]