CIR 14.3.1

Past version: effective from 25/02/2019 - 28/12/2019
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Without limiting the generality of the Prospectus disclosure required under Article 52 of the Law, the Fund Manager must, in the case of a Public Fund, include in the Fund's Prospectus:

(a) the information in CIR App 7, unless the Public Fund is a Passported Fund;
(b) if the Public Fund is a Passported Fund, the information in App 1 of FPR, including a Key Investor Information Document (KIID);
(c) if it is a specialist class of a Public Fund, any information as is relevant to that specialist class of Fund as set out in CIR section 14.4;
(d) a Summary Document containing:
(i) information to clearly identify the Fund and its classification;
(ii) a short description of the Fund's investment objectives and investment policy for achieving those objectives;
(iii) past-performance presentation or, where relevant, performance scenarios;
(iv) costs and associated charges; and
(v) risk/reward profile of the investment, including appropriate guidance and warnings in relation to the risks associated with investments in the relevant Fund; and
(e) the mandatory statement required under CIR Rule 14.3.3; and
(f) if it is an Open-ended Fund, the information relating to the powers available to the Fund Manager to address liquidity risks that may arise in the Fund, and procedures, including triggers, for the exercise of such powers, required under CIR Rule 8.6A.1(2)(d).
Derived from RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER13/07-10]
[Amended] RM158/2015 (Made 9th December 2015). [VER19/02-16]
[Amended] DFSA RM218/2018 (Made 22nd February 2018) [VER23/12-18]
[Amended] RM235/2019 (Made 20th February 2019). [VER24/02-19]