IFR 3.8.3

Past version: effective from 11/07/2010 - 22/12/2012
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(1) An Authorised Person which operates an Islamic Window must, subject to (2), make the relevant disclosures required by AAOIFI FAS 18 to its Clients or any Person granted access to its facilities as is appropriate.
(2) An Authorised Firm does not have to make the disclosure required under (1) if it is a Fund Manager of a Fund and is making an Offer of Units of that Fund in accordance with the disclosure requirements in the Collective Investment Law 2010, the CIR module and this module.
Derived from DFSA RM69/2010 (Made 1st March 2010). [VER1/03-10]
[Amended] DFSA RM72/2010 (Made 11th July 2010). [VER2/07-10]