AFN SUP6 Applying to withdraw a Licence

Past version: effective from 16/12/2009 - 10/02/2010
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Purpose of this form

This form should be submitted if you are wishing to withdraw your Licence.

If you wish to remove some but not all of your Financial Services, you should use the Applying to vary a Licence form (SUP4). Where you may require a long period in which to wind down (run off) your business, it may be appropriate for you to apply to vary your Licence before commencing the wind down. Please contact your firm's relationship manager.

If your application to withdraw your Licence is successful, we will withdraw the authorised status of all Authorised Individuals. There is no need to submit AUT-IND3 forms as part of a withdrawal application.

The DFSA may require additional information or clarification to complete the processing of an application. We will correspond with the applicant's contact person as listed below:

Full name of Authorised Firm and DFSA reference number.
Name of contact person for application. Please provide telephone, fax, e-mail and postal address.
Name and contact details of professional advisers assisting with the application, if any.
Would you like us to copy in your advisers on any correspondence?
Yes No


Section Title To be completed by
1 Request for withdrawal All applicants
2 Clients and Creditors All applicants
3 Transfer of Clients All applicants
4 Funds Operator or Trustee of a Fund only
5 Providing Trust Services Trust Service Provider only
6 Consent to disclosure of information to the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFCA) All applicants
7 Attachments All applicants
8 Declaration by the applicant All applicants

Notes for completing this form

•    The term "you" refers to the legal entity for which a withdrawal of Licence is being sought. In all instances where this form requests details to be supplied, responses should be provided in relation to the entity wishing to withdraw its Licence within the DIFC.
•    Defined terms are identified throughout this application form by the capitalisation of the initial letter of each word. These terms are defined in the Glossary module (GLO) of the DFSA's Rulebook.
•    All financial information must be given in US Dollars, with a statement of the original currency used (if relevant) and the exchange rate applied for conversion.
•    Questions must be answered fully and the use of abbreviations or acronyms should be avoided. Any abbreviations or acronyms used should be clearly defined.
•    Do not leave any questions blank. If a question is not applicable this should be indicated in the response section. Failure to answer questions or provide full responses may delay the progress of the application.
•    Answers must be typed in electronic format and the form must be signed by the Senior Executive Officer. The form is available in word format on the DFSA's website.
•    Before completing this form, we urge you to read the AUT module of the DFSA Rulebook to ensure you provide appropriate information. You are urged to familiarise yourself with other relevant Rules prior to completing this form.