PRU-EPRS 1.29 Instructional Guidelines — Form B170 — Acceptance of Deposits Schedule

Past version: effective from 16/12/2007 - 13/04/2013
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Form B170 — Acceptance of Deposits is designed to capture the details of the deposit taking activity of the Authorised Firms carried out by way of business, on both dimensions of outstanding amount at the end of the reporting period and fresh deposit inflows during the reporting period.


This form is applicable to Authorised Firms in the prudential category 1, which are licensed to carry out the financial service of Accepting Deposits. These include Authorised Firms operating as branches in the DIFC.


The form is intended to capture information pertaining to the outstanding amount of deposits owed by and reported on the Authorised Firm's balance sheet and the amount of deposits raised by the firm during the reporting period. Specifically the form captures the detailed break-up of deposits across:

(a) different types of depositors;
(b) type of deposits;
(c) geographic diversification of the depositor;
(d) maturity of the deposits; and
(e) Currency denomination of deposits.

The form also seeks to collect the data composition of deposits as described above, except for the distribution across currencies, in terms of USD deposits and deposits raised in other currencies separately. Authorised firms are required to report all data on deposits in USD terms, including the data on deposits raised in other currencies.

Authorised Firms are required to report all deposits which meet the definition provided in appendix 1 of the GEN module of the DFSA Rulebook. Authorised Firms involved in managing PSIA accounts for its customers need not report the amounts involved in such PSIA accounts in this form.

Structure of the form in EPRS

B170 has a main form with a linked form, wherein the main form has four sections, each of which involves classifying total deposits across one of the dimensions referred above. The linked form seeks classification of deposits accepted in terms of the currency in which they are denominated. In respect of every category of deposits resulting from the classifications referred above, Authorised Firms are required to disclose total outstanding deposits at the end of the reporting period and the total deposits raised during the reporting period. The total outstanding deposits reported under each section must be the same and must equal total deposits reported in form B10, form B20 or form B90, whichever is applicable.

Derived from GM5/2007 (Made 16th December 2007). [VER1/12-07]