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  • Chapter 5 — Chapter 5 — Disclosure Requirements

    • 32. Certain requirements

      (1) The DFSA may make directions by written notice in relation to this Part on such terms and conditions as the DFSA thinks fit.
      (2) The Regulatory Appeals Committee has jurisdiction to hear and determine any appeal of a direction made under this Article.
      (3) The DFSA may make Offered Securities Rules requiring a Reporting Entity to appoint a sponsor.
      (4) The DFSA may make Offered Securities Rules enabling such requirements referred to in this Part to be varied in cases where an offer of Securities is made by an offeror:
      (a) which at the time of the offer of Securities in or from the DIFC, has made an offer of Securities in a jurisdiction other than the DIFC; and
      (b) that jurisdiction has substantially the same disclosure requirements as provided in this Law and the Offered Securities Rules.