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  • Chapter 3 — Chapter 3 — Conditions and Restrictions on a Licence

    • 49. Applying Conditions and Restrictions to a Licence

      (1) The DFSA may at any time by written notice to an Authorised Person:
      (a) impose conditions and restrictions or additional conditions and restrictions on a Licence or in relation to a Licence Endorsement; or
      (b) vary or withdraw conditions and restrictions imposed on a Licence or in relation to a Licence Endorsement.
      (2) The DFSA may act under Article 49(1) on its own initiative or at the request of an Authorised Person.
      (3) The procedures in Schedule 3 apply to a decision of the DFSA under Article 49(1).
      (4) If the DFSA decides to exercise its power under Article 49(1), the Authorised Person may refer the matter to the FMT for review.