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  • TKO 14.2 TKO 14.2 Other methods of bid

    • TKO 14.2.1

      Where a Bid is implemented by a scheme of arrangement or conversion of Securities or any other method, then, for the purposes of these Rules:

      (a) the DFSA must be consulted in advance;
      (b) in the case of a scheme of arrangement, the Reporting Entity in respect of which the scheme is proposed is deemed to be the Target, and the Persons who will be the holders of Shares of the Reporting Entity after the scheme of arrangement has been sanctioned are deemed to be the Bidder; and
      (c) the provisions of these Rules relating to disclosure and, where possible, timing and periods of notice will apply with any necessary adaptation to meet that purpose.

      Derived from DFSA RM23/2005 (Made 26th September 2005). [VER1/09-05]