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  • Valuation Report

    • COB 11.6.3

      (1) The operator must obtain an independent valuation report for each property listed on the platform.

      (2) The valuation must be provided by a Person:

      (a) who is a professional and reputable valuer;
      (b) who is not Related to the platform operator or to the seller; and
      (c) whom the operator reasonably believes will provide an objective valuation.

      (3) The report must:

      (a) be prepared on the basis of an 'open market' valuation;
      (b) include the valuation and all material details about the basis of the valuation and assumptions used;
      (c) outline the overall structure of the market including market trends;
      (d) include a brief description of the property, its location, its existing use, any encumbrances concerning or affecting the property, the capital value and net monthly income expected from the property;
      (e) confirm the professional status of the valuer and that the valuation report is prepared on a fair and unbiased basis; and
      (f) be disclosed to investors as soon as it is available.

      (4) The valuation must be carried out before a property is listed on the platform and not more than three months before a property is due to be sold.

      (5) The operator must disclose the valuation report to investors and potential investors immediately after it becomes available.

      Derived from DFSA RMI254/2019 (Made 26th June 2019). [VER33/07-19]