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  • PIB 11.2 PIB 11.2 Disclosure Policy

    • PIB 11.2.1

      An Authorised Firm must implement and maintain a written disclosure policy that:

      (a) sets out the firm's approach for determining which of the disclosures set out in PIB App11 it needs to make;
      (b) details the processes and procedures and its internal controls in relation to such disclosure;
      (c) details the medium for disclosure that most appropriately meets the purposes of this chapter; and
      (d) is approved by the Governing Body of the firm.
      Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]

    • PIB 11.2.2

      An Authorised Firm must ensure that appropriate verification, whether internal or external, is performed in relation to any disclosure, and take all reasonable steps to ensure its accuracy and timeliness.

      Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]

    • PIB 11.2.3

      To the extent that any required disclosure is substantially similar to a disclosure required of the Authorised Firm under the International Financial Reporting Standards, a disclosure under such standards must be taken to meet the requirement for disclosure under this chapter.

      Derived from RM111/2012 (Made 15th October 2012). [VER20/12-12]