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  • Group Supervision

    • RPP 3-2-5

      When the DFSA licenses an Authorised Firm, it takes into consideration the relationship with any wider Group to which the firm may belong or with other Persons closely linked to it. The DFSA may also take into account lead or consolidated supervision to which an Authorised Firm or its Group may be subject in another jurisdiction.

      Derived from DFSA GM8/2011 (Made 28th April 2011). [VER 1/02-11]

    • RPP 3-2-6

      An Authorised Firm is expected to provide information as required or reasonably requested under legislation applicable in the DIFC relating to the Authorised Firm and, where applicable, its consolidated or lead regulatory arrangements. This information may include prudential information, reports on systems and controls relating to an Authorised Firm's Group, internal and external audit reports, details of disciplinary proceedings or any matters which may have financial consequences, reputational impact or pose any significant risk to the DIFC or to the Authorised Firm and the group-wide corporate governance practices and policies and the remuneration structure and strategies adopted. This information may initially be taken into account as part of DFSA's fit and proper test as set out in section 2.2 and may subsequently be utilised in the supervision of the Authorised Firm. Further Rules and Guidance with regard to obtaining information from an Authorised Firm's lead regulator are set out in GEN Rule 11.1.5.

      Derived from DFSA GM8/2011 (Made 28th April 2011). [VER 1/02-11]
      Amended by Notice of Updates (Made 5th July 2012). July 2012 Edition

    • RPP 3-2-7

      The DFSA has an interest in the relationship of an Authorised Firm with other regulators, particularly in order to determine the level of reliance the DFSA may place on a regulator in another jurisdiction concerning any lead supervision arrangements. Depending on the legal structure of an Authorised Firm and the relationship of the DFSA with the regulator in question, the DFSA may place appropriate reliance on the supervision undertaken by this regulator.

      Derived from DFSA GM8/2011 (Made 28th April 2011). [VER 1/02-11]