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  • Locations of Offices

    • RPP 2-2-6

      An Authorised Person should be able to satisfy the DFSA that it is in compliance with chapter 6 of the GEN module. In particular, section 6.5 of GEN module requires that if an Authorised Person is a Body Corporate constituted under the laws of the DIFC it should maintain its head office and registered office within the boundaries of the DIFC. In considering the location of an Authorised Person's head office, the DFSA may have regard to the location of its directors, partners, and senior management with respect to its strategic, operational and administrative arrangements. Where an Authorised Firm is a Partnership with its head office in the DIFC, it must carry on business in the DIFC.

      Derived from DFSA GM8/2011 (Made 28th April 2011). [VER 1/02-11]