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  • GEN 11.7 GEN 11.7 Dismissal or resignation of an Authorised Individual

    • GEN 11.7.1

      An Authorised Firm must request the withdrawal of an Authorised Individual status within seven days of the Authorised Individual ceasing to be employed by the Authorised Firm to perform a Licensed Function.

    • GEN 11.7.2

      In requesting the withdrawal of an Authorised Individual status, the Authorised Firm must submit the appropriate form in AFN, including details of any circumstances where the Authorised Firm may consider that the individual is no longer fit and proper.

    • GEN 11.7.3

      If an Authorised Individual is dismissed or requested to resign, a statement of the reason, or reasons, for the dismissal or resignation must be given to the DFSA by the Authorised Firm.

    • GEN 11.7.4

      If the Authorised Individual was acting as a trustee, the Trust Service Provider must confirm to the DFSA in writing that a new trustee has been appointed in place of the trustee in question.