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  • Case management

    • 45.

      Where it appears to the Hearing Panel at any time after the commencement of proceedings that the proceedings would be facilitated by a case management conference or pre-hearing review the Hearing Panel may, on the request of a party or of its own initiative, give directions for such a conference or review to be held.

    • 46.

      The purpose of a case management conference or pre-hearing review shall be:

      (a) to ensure the just, expeditious and economical conduct of the proceedings;
      (b) to determine the points on which the parties must present further argument or which call for further evidence to be produced;
      (c) to clarify the orders or relief sought by the parties, their arguments of fact and law and the points of issue between them;
      (d) to ensure that all agreements that can be reached between the parties about the matters in issue and the conduct of the proceedings are made and recorded;
      (e) to facilitate the settlement of the proceedings.

    • 47.

      The Hearing Panel may:

      (a) encourage and facilitate the use of an alternative dispute resolution procedure if the Hearing Panel considers that appropriate;
      (b) dispense with the need for the parties to attend any hearing;
      (c) use technology actively to manage cases.

    • 48.

      In preparation for a case management conference or pre-hearing review, the Registrar shall ascertain from the parties what matters if any are agreed among them.