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  • COB App 3 COB App 3 Confirmation of Transactions

    • COB A3.1 COB A3.1 Content of Confirmation Notes

      • General Information

        • COB A3.1.1

          (1) For the purposes of COB Rule 6.9.2, an Authorised Firm must include the following general information:
          (a) the Authorised Firm's name and address;
          (b) whether the Authorised Firm Executed the Transaction as principal or agent;
          (c) the Client's name, account number or other identifier;
          (d) a description of the Investment or Fund, including the amount invested or number of units involved;
          (e) whether the Transaction is a sale or purchase;
          (f) the price or unit price at which the Transaction was Executed;
          (g) if applicable, a statement that the Transaction was Executed on an Execution-Only basis;
          (h) the date and time of the Transaction;
          (i) the total amount payable and the date on which it is due;
          (j) the amount of the Authorised Firms charges in connection with the Transaction, including Commission charges and the amount of any Mark-up or Mark-down, Fees, taxes or duties;
          (k) the amount or basis of any charges shared with another Person or statement that this will be made available on request; and
          (l) for Collective Investment Funds, at statement that the price at which the Transaction has been Executed is on a Historic Price or Forward Price basis, as the case may be.
          (2) An Authorised Firm may combine items (f) and (j) in respect of a Transaction where the Client has requested a note showing a single price combining both of these items.
          Derived from DFSA RM56/2008 (Made 1st July 2008). [VER14/07-08]

      • Additional Information: Derivatives

        • COB A3.1.2

          For the purposes of COB Rule 6.9.2, and in relation to Transactions in Derivatives, an Authorised Firm must include the following additional information:

          (a) the maturity, delivery or expiry date of the Derivative;
          (b) in the case of an Option, the date of exercise or a reference to the last exercise date;
          (c) whether the exercise creates a sale or purchase in the underlying asset;
          (d) the strike price of the Option; and
          (e) if the Transaction closes out an open Futures position, all essential details required in respect of each contract comprised in the open position and each contract by which it was closed out and the profit or loss to the Client arising out of closing out that position (a difference account).
          Derived from DFSA RM56/2008 (Made 1st July 2008). [VER14/07-08]