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  • PRU-EPRS 1.32 PRU-EPRS 1.32 Instructional Guidelines — Form B200 — Brokerage Activity


    Form B200 — This form is designed to capture the data on the brokerage business of Authorised Firms, including both the business arising out of execution of Client orders as well as arranging of order executions with other market intermediaries.


    This form is applicable to Authorised Firms licensed to Deal in Investments as an Agent, Deal in Investments on a matched principal basis or Arrange Transactions in Investments or Credit. This includes Authorised Firms operating as a Branch in the DIFC.


    The form is intended to capture information pertaining to the number of Clients, number of trades, volume of units traded and the value of the Transactions over the reporting period. The form captures the composition of these data for both execution business as well as the data relating to the business of arranging for execution with other market intermediaries. The data required to be reported in respect of execution business is limited to the accounts booked by the Authorised Firm as part of its DIFC operations. Consequently, only Authorised Firms licensed to Deal in Investments as Agent are expected to report data on this activity. Authorised Firms are required to report data relating to all accounts of their Clients, including accounts booked other than in the DIFC for which the firm only arranges trades.

    Structure of the form in EPRS

    B200 is a form which has three sections. The first section seeks data on trades executed by the Authorised Firm as part of its DIFC operations, across the different product / market categories. The second section seeks data on arranging of trades across the same mix of products / markets as in the first section. The third section of the form (brokerage by customer type) is in a linked form, which seeks data on classification of brokerage Clients by type of Clients and by the domicile of Clients.

    In the linked form which has the third section, the required data for execution business booked in each Client category segment is to be reported on the first three columns and the data on arranging of trades is to be reported on the fourth to sixth columns.

    Derived from GM5/2007 (Made 16th December 2007). [VER1/12-07]
    [Amended] [VER2/04-13]

    • PRU-EPRS 1.32 Instructional Guidelines

      1. All figures relating to income statement items, expense accounts, volumes, activity levels, number of accounts or units sold / traded and any other data relating to amounts invested / deposited except outstanding balances in any of the quarterly returns should correspond to the current reporting period (quarter) and not cumulative or year-to-date amounts.
      2. The data being sought in all the three sections of this form are self explanatory given the description provided in the title column, except for the following specific points.
      3. B200_3100: Include all High Net Worth Individuals and any of the personal investment vehicles, like trusts, investment companies etc. used by such Clients to manage their wealth.
      4. B200_3300: Include all Professional Clients and Counterparties who are not identified as a separate category in this section of the form. This would include, but is not limited to, pension funds, private investment / holding companies, corporate entities, insurers and their insurance funds / cells, etc.
      5. B200_3400: Include Collective Investment Funds ("CIFs") of all types — irrespective of whether they are recognised by the Collective Investment Law or Rules of the DFSA.
      6. Third section on domicile of Clients: The classification in this section is intended to be mutually exclusive. For example, information on accounts of Clients domiciled in the GCC & MENA, B200_4300 should not include the accounts of Clients domiciled in the UAE or in the DIFC, because they are reported in the previous two items. Similarly, data reported in B200_4200 should not include the accounts reported in B200_4100.
      Derived from GM5/2007 (Made 16th December 2007). [VER1/12-07]
      [Amended] [VER2/04-13]